Re: Is HDTV really user friendly?

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"Elmo P. Shagnasty" <elmop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When it works, you mean.

When it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

That's what I mean

with analog the signal can be pretty crummy and one can
still watch it correct?

I'm watching some stations that are pretty crummy on analog, but just
fine on digital and HD.

Digital is pretty fault tolerant and can do a creditable job on a
pretty weak signal, but you seldom see a poor picture. It's either
there or it's gone.

Rarely do I see any pixelation like you see with digital satellite in
a heavy rain or snow storm.

OTOH I have one UHF antenna pointed south and one pointed NW. Both are
up about 90 feet with antenna mounted preamps. Some analog stations
show ghosts, snow, and other artifacts. The same stations on digital
and HD are perfect.

Now that I've moved my dish AND realigned it myself with over 20% more
signal through 130 feet of feed line compared to the original short
lines I may not have near as much trouble with snow and rain.

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