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Exactly. My buddy recently picked-up a Sharp Aquos 45" LCD set and it
loses no points to Plasma sets. Its blacks are just as black, colors
are just as vibrant and off-axis viewing is just as good. But as one
previous poster mentioned, this comes at a cost. I still generally
prefer Plasma over LCD, but the time is coming, quickly, when I believe
Plasma will be subplanted by LCD and other technologies less prone to
burn-in (and I know that Plasmas are getting better in this area too).
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Really, as long as you don't have a static image up on the screen for
at a time, and you properly break the plasma in over the first 100 hours,
most plasmas won't ever come close to sufferring from burn-in.

So what do you do about the "bugs" at the bottom of every TV station
that are there constantly?

I like LCD a lot, but the off-axis viewing really bugs me

My Sharp Aquos looks pretty good off-axis. You have to get really
crooked before the picture becomes unwatchable, and by then the image is
so distorted anyway (since you're so far off-axis) that it's moot.



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I think more of a common problem with current Plasma sets, is that they
loose about 1/3 of their brightness output after a year or two
(depending on how hard they're driven).