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Thanks for all the great information.


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Hi All,

My daughter just got her first HDTV. It's actually a 27" CRT model from
Samsung and I must say that so far the picture off the OTA HD antenna in
her room (we get strong signals) as well as the feed from Dish are very

The one thing that has me perplexed is the question of picture size on
the HD local channels from the OTA. Since the TV is screen is a 4:3
ratio, there are the usual spaces on the top and bottom in 4:3 (normal)
mode as well as in the 16:9 mode. As a matter of fact there are two
additional settings in the TV (zoom1 and zoom2) that I've used on my HD
RPTV to fill the screen and while they are a part of this TV's settings
they are grayed out and therefore inaccessible.

My question is, why aren't the additional zoom adjustments available with
the OTA HD local channels? If she wants everyone proportioned naturally
there are actually blank spaces on the top/bottom as well as left/right
sides of the screen. Maybe this is normal for these channels, but if
there is something else I can adjust I'd like to give it a try.

On my hd RPTV I have my outdoor OTA running through the Dish 942 HD STB
so I can actually use the "picture size" settings from the STB to go
between the two formats as well as "partial" and "full" zoom. So even
though I'm watching the same channels my STB can process the picture size
to suit my needs. Not so with my daughter's.

I do have one other question, does anyone know how to get into the
Service Menu for the Samsung TX-R2779H?

Thanks, in advance, for any information you can share on this.


Simple answer - complexity and cost.

Zooming on an analog NTSC is easy to do = cheap to do, zooming on an HD
ATSC frame is much harder = more expensive.

So on the low end sets (and set top boxes) it seems among the first things
to go.