Re: Question on picture size

As far as the service menu, Samsung will gladly sell you the service manual,
that way you will have it available if you mess with the service menu
settings and require professional assistance to restore functions. Cheers
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On Wed, 22 Mar 2006 19:18:54 -0500, PhotoGuy wrote:

My question is, why aren't the additional zoom adjustments available with
the OTA HD local channels? If she wants everyone proportioned naturally
there are actually blank spaces on the top/bottom as well as left/right
sides of the screen. Maybe this is normal for these channels, but if
is something else I can adjust I'd like to give it a try.

If there's blank on all four sides, then the program is being transmitted
as SD over HD. Use the 16:9 zoom mode and it should fill the screen with
the proper aspect ratios. If the 16:9 zoom mode isn't avaialable, then go
back through the setup. All 4:3 sets should have this option. i default
all the broadcast to fill mode which basically choases the proper zoom
mode to fill the whole 4:3 screen. Play with the setup of the set.

On my hd RPTV I have my outdoor OTA running through the Dish 942 HD STB
so I can actually use the "picture size" settings from the STB to go
between the two formats as well as "partial" and "full" zoom. So even
though I'm watching the same channels my STB can process the picture
size to suit my needs. Not so with my daughter's.

I could be wrong, but with the proper setup the option to fill the screen
using 16:9 zoom on an HD broadcast should be there. If not, I'd return the
set for a refund.

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