Re: Wind causing HDTV signal interruptions

Al wrote:
Thanks, John, I'll have to give this approach a try. We've also
had signal interruption during very light rain, I believe--maybe
it's actually the raindrops' effect on the leaves that's doing it.

John Baker wrote:

I had exactly the same problem.  Reception was great on my digital
USDTV receiver most of the time for most channels except when it was
windy.  I spent a lot of time, turning my omni-directional antenna
trying to find the sweet spot but the wind always caused at least
one channel to pixelate.

For a long time, I suspected there was a problem with my receiver
(especially after reading all the gen 4 vs. gen 5 decoder postings)
until I found an explanation on the following website.

Basically, leaves, especially at high frequencies, significantly
attenuate the OTA signal.  If a tree (with leaves) is directly
between the antenna and the broadcast tower, you may experience
dropouts always or when the wind blows.

If it happens when the wind blows it is multipath from the trees. Which is not a problem in the RF world. It has been solved. It is a political problem. It was inflicted on the US by an ignorant Congress doing the biding of special interest.

Bob Miller

My solution was to find the location of the broadcast towers in
my area on and then using a compass, find
a location in my attic with the least leafy obstructions between the
antenna and the broadcast towers.

After moving the antenna to a different part of the attic, I have not
experienced any more pixelation.  Knock on wood, that will continue
after Spring.  One small complaint I have about is that
they don't indicate if compass heading listed is True North or Magnetic

During the effort to get the best signal, I found the reception
problems and pixelation would not show up immediately.  Sometimes it
would several days to a week and tens of minutes watching individual
channels before a problem would show up.  My worst experience was
when one local channel started experiencing audio transmitter problems
at exactly the same time I was trying to adjust the antenna causing
me to waste several hours fiddling with the antenna.

numeric wrote:

"Al" <acunniff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Bearing in mind I'm a novice when it comes to HDTV, could you give
me any advice on how to improve my signal reception in windy

We just bought a Samsung HL/R5067W HDTV and had our antenna
(V/U model 933, not sure of the mfct.) professionally installed,
mounted to the chimney. The installers left the antenna aimed at a
halfway-point between us and a nearby city, so we get all the
channels from both cities. We have not had to move the antenna
for each station.

But we've noticed that if there's any sort of wind at all we
experience signal dropouts-- the windier it is, the more dropouts
we experience.

1) Should we be able to fix it so that there is little or no signal
interruption, even on windy days?

2) If so, what's the most effective way to avoid dropout: aim
the antenna precisely at each station, or reinforce its mounting?

Regardless of the "professional installation" check the connections from the antenna terminals to your TV set. Every once and a while connections fail, usually a bad coaxial shield connection. Also, tune your TV to an analog channel, on a windy day, and see if the there is any intermittent picture disruption or evidence of path disturbance between the transmitter and your antenna. You might be able to sort out if the picture breakup is caused by a bad connection or terrestrial path disturbance. Choose an analog channel that close to the problem digital channel.