Re: No ATSC for Brazil

David (davey@xxxxxxxx) wrote in
> >>>Australia has a 7 MHz channel size so they could do a higher datarate
> >>>than is even possible in the US. If they were would that datarate become
> >>>the official HD datarate?
> Different channel size...they could do.... if they were....

It's pretty easy to see that if Australian broadcasters could send out
a receivable signal using less error correction (and thus more usable data
bits), they would, since this might allow them to go back to broadcasting
actual HD instead of government-defined HD at 576p.

But, none of them are doing this...all are using more bits for error
correction. If they didn't have to do this, they wouldn't. The UK is
the same...they are losing as much as 30% of the potential bits to extra
error correction. I don't think it a coincidence that both these
countries use COFDM.

> > 720P and 576P.
> According to most postings I've seen in the Aussie forums, 576p seems to be
> a bad joke.

And, since 1280x720 can be sent WITH QUALITY in as little as 11Mbps, just
how freaking much bandwidth is being wasted by error correction? Even at
18Mbps, they should be able to easily send 720p plus two SD sub-channels.
And, having only 18Mbps data with a 7MHz channel is using a *lot* of error

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