Hitachi / Philips convergence code needed

Hi everyone.

I am looking for the remote control sequence for adjusting convergence
(and save it into rom).

The set is a Philips 55PP9401, 55" projection 4:3 -- It is a few years
old. I have discovered that Hitachi made these sets for Philips. I
have been searching and found several code entries for this
philips/hitachi convergence.

I am able to put the tv into "service mode" convergence by pressing
this little button on the convergence board. Doing that brings up a
fantastic looking RGB grid. My problem is that no matter what I do on
the remote control or the front panel, there is no change in the lines.

I followed several other thread suggestions that indicated specifics
for Philips (062597 menu) but that did not work. I also tried hitachi
codes "00000" when in this manual grid mode, which then I am supposed
to be able to adjust the grid with 2/4/6/8 keys. But that did not work

So I can get this wonderful manual convergence adjustment grid onto the
screen, but no way that I can figure out how to move around the lines
to make the screen look perfect :-\

Thanks in advance for any information or suggestions.