Re: From Analog to Digital B'casting

David wrote:

While you were wasting years of time posting your nonsense here, this company has been planning to begin IP datacasting in NYC this year:

I have talked here of Crown Castle's venture. now called Modeo, for the last three years along with Qualcomm's venture, MediaFlo. Both use COFDM.

Years of time have been wasted since the spectrum that Qualcomm is planning on using has/is still encumbered by broadcasters who have not transitioned yet to digital TV and still squat on spectrum bought by Qualcomm and others including us.

The transition has not transitioned because the US has picked a lousy modulation.

Crown Castle decided to buy 5 MHz of spectrum far above the sweet spot of the TV spectrum that Qualcomm has purchased. The positive is that their spectrum, unlike Qualcomm's is unencumbered by broadcasters.

The negative is that the spectrum is not that good and later they will have to compete with those below who have better spectrum and more of it.

Same goes for Sirius and XM.

All whither when broadcasters get off channels above 51 and/or broadcasters are allowed to use COFDM themselves. All forms of satellite fail first.

The longer term end game is terrestrial (including high altitude) wireless broadcast and point to point. Everything else, fiber, cable and satellite, fails the cost test.

Bob Miller