Re: Would I still be able to watch/record non-HDTV shows with a HDTV tuner?

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> On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 18:42:59 -0000 Grant Edwards <grante@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> | On 2005-10-28, T Shadow <knone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> |
> |> Could you explain what you mean by this? I don't have any problems
> |> analog with an HDTV Wonder. I don't consider 18% CPU usage "not doing a
> |> good job".
> |
> | It is compared to something like a PVR-250, which records MPEG2
> | with 2% CPU usage.
> If it could do the job in 18% of CPU in the fastest available (today)
> Intel CPU, and match the quality and effectiveness of real hardware
> compression, I'd be interested in that software.
> Hardware compression can, conceivably, do a number of the DCTs in parallel
> to achieve greater throughput.

My % was off. See other post.
Not saying hardware compression is bad, just that it's an added cost if your
willing to use the CPU you already have.


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