Re: Motorola DCT6412 HD STB / Cox Cable

Thursday, October 27 2005, @ 7:31 AM (-0700 GMT)

Thank you Stu!

I was unaware of the "series refund." This whole thing with Cox is
total frustration. I mailed my "input" to them last week Friday and
still have received no response.

I think I will contact the O.C. Register , IF I can find out how to
reach an investigative reporter, and possibly J.D. Powers ...


On Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:52:03 -0700, "saxmaniac" <saxmaniac@xxxxxxx>

> As I pointed out earlier, you are enduring the same poor service (HD/DVR)
>as I, here in South OC. By the way, the inconsistent series recording issue
>is a known issue here and they will issue you a monthly ($5?) credit if you
>ask for it.
>"Jim" <mwsoft@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
>> Wednesday, October 26 2005, @ 9:24 AM (-0700 GMT)
>> Hi,
>> Last Saturday I sent a lengthy letter, along with a 20-pg "log" file
>> to my local Cox Communications office in Santa Margarita, CA, and a
>> copy to the President & CEO of Cox in Atlanta, GA. The material
>> carefully detailed the performance of the Motorola STB which Cox rents
>> to its customers in Orange County, CA, and elsewhere in the country.
>> It was shown that the box has only "worked" properly about 44% of the
>> time since the start of the fall TV season.
>> A link to the log which describes the day to day failure (and
>> successes) of this STB may be accessed via the following link:
>> URL:
>> The letter sent to my local Cox office should have arrived on Monday.
>> I would expect the letter sent by regular mail to Atlanta might arrive
>> today or tomorrow perhaps? As of this point in time, I've heard
>> nothing from Cox about the letter and when the problems with the
>> Motorola STB will be resolved.
>> The letter sent to my local office was addressed to "Customer
>> Relations" as, even with several phone calls, I was unable to identify
>> any one in charge of Cable Technical Support.
>> Since the start of the fall TV season, I've now seen an additional
>> problem with this STB, one not mentioned in the original log mentioned
>> above. This STB allows you to "get a season pass" so as to record your
>> favorite shows each week as they play. I've set several to record,
>> including, ER, Law & Order, Medium, etc. However, even tho these shows
>> "appear" in the "season pass list," about one-third have failed to
>> record. I've come to find out that the season pass manager is failing
>> to "highlight" the shows in the on-screen "Guide." All shows to be
>> recorded MUST be highlighted in red in the Guide and then appear in
>> the "To be recorded" list each day. This is not happening all the time
>> so some of the shows, roughly 1/3, do not record.
>> I've also learned that, for reasons I do not understand, Cos is giving
>> STB's made by Scientific Atlanta, to customers in San Diego, CA, which
>> is roughly 70 miles south of here. Its my understanding, but I cannot
>> know for certain, that the "SA" STB is much more reliable than the
>> Motorola box?
>> Cox has always been #1 in what it offers the local community, and
>> highly regarded in terms of its technical support. I'm looking forward
>> to them for a STB that WORKS as it should, day in and day out.
>> If anything comes of all this, I will post it here.
>> Jim