Re: Please help with HD plasma!

"ME!" wrote in message
> Is the reason that it hasnt got 'HD Ready' status just because it doesnt
> 720p/50

No, your plasma is "HD-Ready" and not an "HDTV" simply because it doesn't
have a built-in ATSC tuner. Looking at the specs, it has only NTSC and PAL
tuners. This isn't a big deal and is only marketing BS. Tuners are only
for grabbing HD over the air, and most people find getting an "HD-Ready" TV
(without a built-in tuner) to actually be an advantage of going an "HDTV"
(with a tuner). With everything being equal, a built-in tuner isn't really
worth the extra cash. If you ever want to get free HD over-the-air, just
get an external tuner -- which will be better than the built-in's. For all
intents and purposes, your "HD-Ready" TV is an "HDTV" though. You can call
it an "HDTV".

> And the most important thing - will the XBOX 360 display at HD on my tv?

Absolutetly, and it is going to look gorgeous. Just hook it up to the
component input on the plasma. (XBox360 is going to be using component for
HD, not HDMI or DVI -- which I find to be an advantage. I'd rather it be
component than HDMI/DVI.)

Just get your XBox360 in the UK (PAL) and you'll be fine with the SD. As
for 720p, I seem to recall reading that all XBoxes (XBoxen?), regardless of
region, are going to support 720p/50, 720p/60, 1080i/50, and 1080i/60.

Don't worry, you are set. Enjoy. :^)

(Also looking forward to Nov 22nd, when the 360 is released.)