LCD, fed from DVD, color effects during end title crawl

My new LCD set is performing admirably, with just one annoying little
phenomenon so far.  When I'm playing a DVD movie and the end titles
start crawling up the screen, transient color effects occur around the
title characters and sometimes in interspersed graphics.  Paused, the
titles look perfect.   A movie played off tape, or broadcast (no HD
here on the channels I use yet) doesn't have this problem.  I've seen
nothing odd during action of various kinds up to really fast.  Is this a
well-known LCD quirk?  (I initially connected just the one-plug
video feed, haven't tried S-video or component yet -- need more
cables.  The set's a Sony 32-inch, KLV-S32A10.  The deck's a
Toshiba  D-R2SC.)


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