Re: Mitsubishi WS-55411

Mr Fixit wrote:
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> "L Alpert" <alpertl@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> Oh, remove the "xx"...
>> The tech that fixed mine (warranty) said it is a common problem in
>> these. Same behavior as mine. You should be able to find one, as
>> they usually get reconditioned. Tech said they were not that hard
>> to fix if you know your way around a soldering iron.
> Was the repair something the tech was able to do in the home? My Mits
> is doing the same thing, but only when being driven with Y/Pr/Pb
> signal. With a std composite input it's fine. Apparently Y/Pr/Pb
> causes something in the set to draw more current.
> Thx.

Yes, he did mention that it could be repaired without much difficulty.