Kat Takes a Pounding on Twitter

I've never seen a player get so many negative tweets thrown at them after
being booted as Kat did tonight. In many cases you can change "negative" to
down right mean. We all know she screwed up but telling her she's stupid, a
selfish bitch, etc. to her face is going overboard. I have to give her a ton
of credit for actually replying to every one of those tweets. You could tell
she's hurt by the comments. Troyzan came to her defense a few times and
Holly Hoffman and Dawn Meehan told her to be proud of herself. Not all of
the comments were negative and some of the people who bashed her actually
tweeted back apologies.

Kat's interviews today should be most interesting. I'm hoping at least one
person asks her what she learned about herself playing the game and if part
of her downfall was trusting Kim way too much.