Re: Matt's "I'm here to honor my god" line

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Bitch shut yo mouth. Why do we always have to have these
fundamentalist douchebags on reality tv, he better get his comeuppance
at some point this season. I long for the days of Rudy saying the
only reason he would bring a bible to the island was to use it as
toilet paper.
He is a fundamentalist because he is religous? He isn't in your face
with everyone with it. It is just an expression of who he is.

There are some people who throw an hysterical fit any time anyone
mentions god at all, especially if it's Christian. These are usually the
same people who also go out of their way to excuse or downplay the
religion of every barbaric cave-dwelling psychopath who screams "Allahu
akhbar!" right before committing mass murder.
Actually most of the people who are hostile to all such talk of God
regardless of religion. They are what I call "Fundamentalist
Atheists", and they don't like religion of any kind. I mean I am not
religious my self but I man not hostile to it.

That said there are religious people who are very pushy but Matt is
NOT one of them. The thing is the Fundamentalist Atheists are just as
intolerant and close minded as the Fundamentalist Religious people of
any denomination.

And "Allahu Akbar" means "God is Great!".

I have no idea where Hole falls on that spectrum, but it does seem a bit
of a ridiculous overreaction to call the guy a "fundamentalist
douchebag" merely because he mentioned his religion once.
Maybe twice but I agree.


"No man in the wrong can stand up against
a fellow that's in the right and keeps on acomin'."

-----William J. McDonald
Captain, Texas Rangers from 1891 to 1907