Re: I Think Shannon Still Had A Chance Until The Gay Bashing Machisomo Attack

On Sun, 26 Sep 2010 15:14:26 -0500, "madamS" <madamS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Bigolhomo wrote:

Gay people are the worst at gossiping about who is gay and who isn't.
While I'm sure Shannon was using it as an attack of sorts, there is
nothing inherently wrong with wondering if somebody is gay or not. And
it's certainly not gay bashing to ask.

Obviously it's all about intent. If you are simply curious, and the answer
(either way) is not going to cause you to think less of the person or treat
them worse, then it's fine to wonder and ask. Shannon, however, was in
attack mode, and his intent was to somehow discredit Sash.

I completely agree. But just because he used the gay question to do
it, doesn't make it gay bashing or homophobia. It just means he used
what he thought would get under Sash's skin the most. It was an
attack on Sash, not an attack on homosexuals.