Re: I Think Shannon Still Had A Chance Until The Gay Bashing Machisomo Attack

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What I'm thoroughly confused about is whether Sash is gay.

What does it matter if he's gay or not?

In politically correct fantasy land, it doesn't but in the real world,
it clearly does as we've seen many times.

Yes, in real world viewers always want to know.

I had a very effeminate teacher back in high school. He is a new teacher
teaching English. Everyone was desperate to know if he is gay or not.
But he offered no clue. It was such a great pleasure to speculate at
cafeteria. Finally near the end of semester, he said something about his
wife. Everybody was so happy after the class. Because finally WE KNOW!

Ar Q

Gay people are the worst at gossiping about who is gay and who isn't.
While I'm sure Shannon was using it as an attack of sorts, there is
nothing inherently wrong with wondering if somebody is gay or not. And
it's certainly not gay bashing to ask.