Re: I like White vs. Black vs. Asian better.

'Artie the Q' said:

"It is more unpredictable. We know what is outcome if the producers
don't rig the game for old vs. young."

Interesting...I thought that the 'race' show was FAR more controversial
than 'young-old.'.

The 'race' show came out OK...and THIS season will probably have some
'gorilla oldsters' that will clobber the overconfident 'youth'.

MB will set it up well.

The 'knitting challenge', the 'early bird special lunch', the Depends,
'on and off' maze race.


Maybe they have an over 40 ringer.
I dunno.

The thing about that I just watch what they show us and
want us to know...and form opinions from THAT.

The fact that the season has been over for 6 months...doesn't matter.