Re: Parvarti WATCHED Russell Clips BEFORE "Hereosvs.Villains"...Barb

As to the casting part...

Russell was friends with Boo who was friends with James and Erica.

Boo tried to get Russell on a previous season and they directed him to
Pirate Master 2, which never happened.

So Boo calls Erica again and says, hey what about my friend Russell I
told you about?

Erica calls and talks to Russell and tells him to fly to L.A. to meet
her and Lynne. She told him if he was not cast, they would pay for all
his expenses.

Erica really liked him, Lynne was not crazy about him but went along
with it.

After 19 began airing, and Russell became the break-out star, guess who
takes credit for casting him? Lynne

Straight from the troll's mouth.

If it's all lies, he lied. But those people do know each other, that is
a gimme.

I think everyone knows the Parv and Erica connection.

Well enter Parv into the picture.

Does anyone find it odd the 1 season Russell watched DVD's of was one of
Parvati's? Not a coincidence

Heck they even were sitting together on the helicopted when it arrived.

Now what happened after that was Russell was smitten and Parv was
strictly playing him.

After 19 started airing and everyone saw how he was, she stopped all

When they did the Letterman Top 10 list, she not only would not speak to
him, she would not even look at him.

He loved running his mouth so much about this he would leave a movie
where he was sitting with his wife to go to the lobby to talk more about
how great he did on Survivor. Make sure you say Evil Alliance, I like
that, I like that.

Hey, he and Melanie even signed up at SUCKS. My husband warned them both
on the phone, CBS is gonna nail you, seen it before. "HA, my lawyers are
better than theirs!" So he talked them through setting it up. About an
hour later he was calling back, "CBS called, tell Melanie how to delete
all of this." Luckily there is a nice moderator at SUCKS.

You cannot make this stuff up, not when it is RUSSELL HANTZ!!!