Survivor's Candice on Flipping to the Villains' Side: "I Totally Messed Up" ( interview with Candice)

Based on what people are saying about how Russell played the game I'm
starting to wonder if he wasn't more tired from constantly spying on people
and only apparently getting a few hours sleep than from actually playing the
game. In the past it always sounded like there was so much down time that
people slept a lot. I guess if you're paranoid about people comparing notes
you have to keep tabs on them 24/7. LOL
Survivor's Candice on Flipping to the Villains' Side: "I Totally Messed Up"
May 7, 2010 10:57 PM ET
by Kate Stanhope
Once a cheater, always a cheater? That's what the Survivor Villains thought
when it came to new ally Candice Woodcock, who flipped sides and voted with
the Villains to stay in the game. Despite her best efforts to show her
loyalty, some of her new allies, particularly Jerri Manthey, believed
someone who switched sides that easily could not be trusted. Combine those
suspicions with the betrayal felt by the two other remaining Heroes, Colby
Donaldson and Rupert Boneham, and Candice was swiftly voted out. Woodcock,
27, spoke with about why she regrets voting Amanda out, the real
story behind her alliance with Russell Hantz and whether she'll play
Survivor again.

Watch full episodes of Survivor How did you feel going into your final Tribal Council?
Candice Woodcock: I thought I was in good shape. I thought we were going to
split the votes between Rupert and Colby because they were worried that
Rupert had found the idol. I thought for sure that they were going for
Rupert because Rupert had attacked Russell and was being a jerk. I think I
was kind of blinded by my dislike for Rupert. I wanted to believe he was
going home. I was so tired of him and ready for him to go. ... There was one
red flag for me before we went. Russell came up to me and said, "Wait a
minute, I forgot. Who is going to vote for whom? Let's go over it one more
time." And I kind of thought, Russell is always on top of things and he's
always strategizing. I thought it was very odd that he was saying that he
forgot who was supposed to be voting for who, but I just kind of blew it
off. Probably at that point, there wasn't much that I could have done; maybe
I could have changed something around. I think I just lost focus for a
minute. Did you anticipate that your switching to the Villains alliance
would backfire the way that it did?
Candice: I didn't think that that was a good argument - that I would flip
back, because once you've already betrayed a group of people, are they
really going to want to take you back? But I was worried that some of the
girls in the Villains tribe would be threatened by me coming over, so I just
tried to keep my head down and be nice to people and just be personable. But
in a game for $1 million, it's really not about who's nice and who you like
as a person because obviously Russell is not all that cuddly and he's there
and I'm not.

Survivor's Amanda: I'll never play the game again Had you known your switch to the Villains side was going to
backfire like this, would you have voted differently on the night Amanda
went home?
Candice: I knew going into it that I should not be voting for Amanda. I
don't know what got into me. I totally just messed up. I knew right
afterward that it was the wrong decision to have made. I felt really bad
about it. I think I just freaked out because I had been miserable the entire
time with the Heroes. They didn't want to listen to me. They didn't want to
play with me. I was just kind of there and they were tolerating me and I was
just so tired of that. I just wanted to do something different, be able to
talk to somebody different and have new people to maybe play with. Although
I did end up getting along with Amanda in the end, I caught her lying to me
that day and Sandra had been going back and forth about whether she was
going to vote with the Heroes. ... But, it was a mistake and I knew it right
away. Part of the reason you switched to the Villains side was
because of Russell, so what are your thoughts on Russell looking back?
Candice: I know that I said I didn't trust Russell 100 percent, but that
wasn't the whole story. He did show me the idol and I didn't tell anybody
else about it because he was so aggressive. If he saw you go to talk to
somebody, he'd go right up to them after that and ask, "What did you say?"
So that they didn't have time to make up a story or you didn't have enough
time to agree on the story you were going to say. It was really difficult, I
felt, to get around him, so I just agreed with everything he said to his
face and didn't really go off and tell other people what he said because I
knew that would be dangerous for me. I thought he would have that idol for a
little bit and that that was a good piece of information for me to have
because he was telling me he wanted to use that idol to vote Parvati off. I
thought, OK, good, I can use that piece of information and tell Parvati and
then we can vote Russell off. Do you think you will play Survivor again?
Candice: When they first asked me, I thought "No, I'm not going to do it
again." But then it just kind of kept eating away at me. So I could say no
right now and if they asked me again, I would probably do the same thing and
I'd have to just go and do it.




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