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>> Are you saying the Heroes made a great play to get rid of both HIIs? I
>> thought what Parv did was brilliant. She made sure a Heroe was going
>> home, gained some (a lot?) confidence and trust from Sandra and Jerri,
>> and showed Russell she's the boss.
> Parvati has shown she's great at reading people so she wasn't entirely
> stupid to believe that dispersing the idols the way she did would keep the
> Villains safe (if she doesn't already, Parvati should give poker a try-- I
> bet she'd be great at it). HOWEVER, it doesn't matter how much trust she
> gains from Sandra and Jerri, Parvati is still a major threat and she
> really needed to keep those idols for herself. She could have used one
> idol, then let the rest of the people take a gamble with the purple rock.
> If the Villains won the tie-breaker, she'd be safe for a couple of TC's.
> If the Heroes won, she could have shown everybody her other idol and
> probably kept herself safe for two more TC's. Either way, I'm guessing
> people are going to be gunning to get her out at least by 6th place.

With 10 people left at the time I think even two idols wasn't even enough to
get her to the end if the Villains has lost a person. Now the Villains have
a one person advantage (Russell might be pissed at Parv for a bit but
where's he going to go now?) and Parv has all of the Villain girls on her
side. Sandra now has some reason to trust her and it's too early for her too
jump ship.

Sandra doesn't need any urging to dump Russell.

From the teaser of next episode, she's going to get Russell out.
Russell is low hanging fruit at this point--all the Heroes and at least three Villains are against him. So Parv is safe for the next episode anyway.

-- Steven L.


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