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Jenn said:

I was wondering about that, too. The first rule of coaching is
figuring out how to put people in where they will do the best- (or
in Courtney and Sandra's case, where they will do the least

I mentioned (I THINK I did...I forget)...the time allowed to figure OUT
these things.

Jeff sez:

"I'll give ya a minute to 'stratagize' "

..which, on TV, is 5 seconds.

I wonder how long they REALLY have to discuss it.

Good question, and I think the answer is, "as much time as Jeff wants to
give them" :)

On a related point, how the heck do these idiots show up at the reward
challenge without a plan on who to sit out? They know the numbers on the
other tribe, they know the male/female ratio, why don't they have who
they are going to sit out already decided? I mean if you show up and
it's a bowling challenge and one of the people who you've planned to sit
out has a 290 average then you change it on the fly but otherwise you
should have this kind of crap planned out ahead of time.