Re: Go Figure

On Sat, 10 Apr 2010 07:02:33 -0500, doob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

zeppo said:

"Did you notice though that Russell just stood there looking frustrated
rather than attempt to pull Sandra along like Mongo did to Chet? No
doubt Russell knew that if he made any attempt to manhandle Sandra, she
would have kicked his ass back at camp :-)"

I noticed. I previously said that I thought Sandra was doing it on
purpose to rile up Russell. I don't think that Sandra would have kicked
Russell's ass...but Russell would have looked like an even BIGGER jerk
for hurting her.

I agree. Russell could clearly kick Sandra's ass any day of the week
and twice on Sunday but he's not the sort to do that. While he's
clearly strong enough to physically intimidate others we've never seen
him attempt to do (unlike a certain Hero.) As you say it would have
looked really bad if he had done that to the players as well as the
viewers, but I don't think that was what stopped him. Mongo just
didn't care at all about anyone else so the fact that Chet was being
thrown around like a rag doll didn't even enter his mind. Russell is
more considerate of his team mates. (Yes, he plays a psychological war
game but he's not out to physically hurt his fellow team mates.)

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