Re: Have To Confess, I Hate The Editing Dupert Bonehead Gets

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news:197io5td6vrgm32bdprpa28orjbgj4tgcp@xxxxxxxxxx>I understand that he's a highly marketable character, but he annoying
as all hell to me.

I liked him at first on Cook Islands, but he started losing his charm after
a few episodes.  He seemed so arrogant and patronizing to the women, then he
threw a bitch fit the first time he got a vote at TC.  He complained a lot
about how he was teased as a youngster, and I thought he was too old for
that, unless he'd really had some terrible things happen, but it seems it
was just the usual stuff.  Finally, he decided he wasn't getting enough air
time and started crying one night during a storm and moaning about missing
his family, finally ending up in a fetal position on a rock as he sank into
depression.  It all screamed "Look at me!"

On AAS, he was an idiot, now, he's just idiot 2.0.


I most liked Rupert for making Andrew take more rice than he asked for
during his raid because he'd just been over to Morgan and had seen how
desperate for food they were. Rupert said "That truly was not a
That was friends helping friends." That, and his showing Ryan O
how to fish.

After that, he's been way more full of himself. I hope he goes soon.