Re: Why Survivor's Ousted Hero Wouldn't Shut the Ef Up, Y'All! (Interview with Steph)

On Sat, 20 Feb 2010 18:19:41 -0800, D-W <D-W-S20@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

If you work in an administrative environment, where emails are sent
back and forth among various people, you ALWAYS keep the previous
emails. This DOES create email threads of enormous length at times,
but it allows for much easier reference and much more clarity than if
some parts were not included.

now dubya, this is the nit i'm gonna pick.

this is NOT an administrative environment!

this is supposed to be a fun place where we can all drop our titles
and togas, and just RELAX.

if you'll notice, my lil "snip" has not misquoted you at all.

we don't NEED clarity here--most of us already know how everyone is
gonna post (at least it's getting that way with me) that we don't NEED
the whole GD post.

i agree that Brian does a bang-up job, and i'm sure he doesn't need to
read his whole post to see that someone is gonna thank him. geesh! he
already knows what he posted!

i'm gonna suggest something (SHUDDER) that doob has been pushing since
BB. have a nice Bud Select 55 and enjoy the freedom it will give you
from your admin job. we'll ALLL be most appreciative.

nit, the cowardly martin.