Re: Vote think for 1 minute 8 people in control of winning will vote
themselves off.....
even after at the metting the other four admit to getting them to vote
one another off so they can
and the 8 or is it 6 now.keep voting one another off.
even with shambo on thier its 5 to 5 now..jeff even exposed
shambos turning sides acouple of shows ago. and they still keep voting
this is a 100% scripted.....
no1 acts like the person theyre playing would act to me.
the x marine woman.i dont think wouldkeep silent n moan how she hates
over f.i think military people are loud and would confront them.
and russell ive notived making alot of kid expressions.....i dont think
a oil worker would care to keep up with kids with all the work he does.
5 lines up, its she hates other f. not over f.


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