Re: my thoughts/questions on 11/12 episode

Chris H. said:

"first, GREAT episode - as others have said, perhaps one of the best TC
in survivor history ...

I'dont ever recall a TC where the remaining players bash the recently
voted out player (Eric) in front of him (jury)
nor do i recall a jury member being so visually a) angered at his own
pre-merge team, and 2) later rooting against them as the votes are read
and, i certain do not recall Jeff "announcing" the disposition of an HII
("back in play") after its usage ???

question - i am have misheard, but in the previews for next week, it
sounded like the other players considered yanking the idol away from
Russell if he were to find it - did i mishear? were they just hoping to
get it away from him in terms of just finding it (assuming only 1)
before Russell
- but whether I misheard or not - would Survivor producers allow an
immunity idol to be forcibly removed from one contestant and used by

I agree, Chris.

I noticed that they left 15 minutes for the TC...which is unusual.

Though the jury isn't allowed to speak...

Erik was going through all types of you described.

As far as NEXT week's promos...I didn't HEAR anything...but they DID
seem to decide to follow Russell cuz he was so good at finding HII.

I am not into any conspiracy thoughts...but it WAS amazing that Russ
found the 2nd HII.

We know it is always near a landmark (tree, rock, etc.) but for him to
look UNDER the bridge...was amazing.

Anyway...they think that he'll go after the NEXT idol...which is why
they follow him.