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Probst seemed really bent out of shape at Corinne's rant at final TC,
calling it the meanest/worst ever in Survivor.

My wife and I simultaneously said, "bullshit, Sue Hawk's was way
And it was. Corinne was bitchy, but Sue still wins the prize.

It was the dead father comment...totally uncalled for. Sugar should
have slapped the bitch instead of flipping her off! The rest of it
wasn't anything special. Not even CLOSE to Sue's rant.

I agree although Corrine's was a little unexpected, Sue's was way
more better.

What was unexpected about Corinne's tirade? She told us she was going to
it as soon as she was voted out (TV time). Even the dead father comment
wasn't a shock. It was shocking/sad to hear but not coming from Corinne.


Yay Sugar
check at 1m 20s
I hadn't noticed her giving Corinne the finger at the mentioning of her dead

Corinne, reminds me of Omarosa.