Re: Survivor: Gabon - Jury Voting QUESTION??

"MICHELLE H." <FALCONGIRL@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
What would have happened if the last vote was for Sugar, and the votes
would have been Susie with 3, Bob with 3, and Sugar with 1??

Would Bob and Susie have had to split the $1 million??

#1 I can see a couple of possiblilities. The person with the lowest number
of votes is moved to the jury and makes the deciding vote. In this case,
Sugar would cast the tie breaking vote.

#2 Anyone who cast votes for the person with the least number of votes,
recasts votes for one of the other two.

#3 The entire jury votes again, but can't vote for the person who had the
least number of votes.

Personally, I prefer #1. Ideally the final three would be asked to vote for
one of the other two at the final tribal council in case of a tie. In this
way, they wouldn't be influenced by what was shown on TV months later. If
there is no tie, then these votes are irrelevant.