Re: Crystzilla Ain't Sandbaggin...

"Kenny Blankenship" <blank@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

D-W <D_Dubya@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

She has been good in all the challenges thus far. Not excessively
good, but certainly not bad. I think she has more to show and is
patiently, and wisely, waiting until post-merge to demonstrate all
her skills.

What? She completely sucked in the first (climb the hill) challenge.
"Her shoes are too heavy" my ass.

She also sucked so bad she created a whirl pool in the paddle
boat/lacrosse challenge.

What challenges has she been anything better than pitiful in?

Crystal was very good in the 'pull the other person off the post and drag
them over the line' challenge. She all but singlehandedly won it for her
tribe. She even did some of that fist pumping/growling athlete stuff.
Then, she remembered her strategy and did a post challenge 'cry' to show
what a weak emotional woman she is.