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I see they gave everyone decent swimwear on day eight.
This lessens the danger of body parts falling out decaying underwear
in physical contests like in Panama.

However, since there have been several "street clothes" series
so far, yiu'd think more of the contestants would wear something
more durable before they get on the airplane.
I'm guessing the producers to tell the contestants to wear something
characteristic of life/personalities for the initial group photo. And
then they start the game immediately after that without allowing
clorhting change.

It did appear that several of the women had been given larger
briefs from day one, probably to cover up too flimsy bottoms.
I missed that when that event happened.

I'm guessing that you skipped the whole "strategy" thread where this subject
was discussed in GREAT detail. Suffice it to say that some people do not
agree that the producers interfered with clothing choice.

lol - If you mean me, I never said they did not interfere, only that I
doubted it was to the extent sated by some.