02 October Episode - Ace and the alliance of 4 and a half

Obviously Ace wants Sugar to help him get to the end. Somehow he
thinks her having the HII makes the two of them invincible. He is so
blinded by his own ego that he thinks everyone except Paloma and Kelly
like him, so he is concentrating on eliminating them.

He has no clue at all that there is an alliance of four others and he
is only helping him by eliminating the non-allied players under the
false assumption that HE himself is leading an alliance of eight.

He did, however, say it was smart to play for immunity even if it
meant not performing well in the reward challenge. I recall one
previous season (Half-Stars, I think)where it seemed like one tribe
was intentionally trying to win reward challenges and forsaking the
immunity challenges to their own detriment.

The alliance of four and a half(Charlie, Marcus, Jacque, Corrine and
Bob) are playing VERY smart and mostly maintaining their secrecy.
Telling Bob was a mistake which may bite them later. Voting along
with Ace keeps his smugness intact. Once Ace realizes what is going
on, it will be too late for him to do anything about it.