Re: Bitter Ozzy

Bigolhomo wrote:
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John Q. Smith wrote:
So at one point Ozzy is talking about how Survivor is about outwitting, outplaying, outlasting. But then later during his final thoughts, he said that he hated whoever voted for him from his alliance. ROTFLMAO!
I suspect oaths were made that were violated.

That's all fine and good, and, if I played this game, I could see myself violating such an oath.

Ozzy did not violate such as oath. As such, it's OK to hate.

I may very well expect hate if I violated such an oath. You're trading potential hate for potential 1M.

Please. Oaths are completely meaningless in this game. You have to
screw people over to win, everybody knows that going in.

Sure, but hate, if that's what you want to do, is also on the table. That's also a part of the game.