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Kenny Ray wrote:
That was a hoot watching Ozzy getting poked in the ass. Looks like he
was outwitted and outplayed.LMOA. I bet he could kick hisself in the ass
for not playing the HII. Ozzy was all smugg when Jason have 4 votes and
he had just 1.
Parvati made a great move for the other team, but a horrible move for
herself. Ozzy probably knew that and that's why he trusted her.

But, hey, I might be wrong. If Parv makes the final 3, she probably
deserves to win.

The fans/favorites are balanced at 4 to 4 right now. It's obvious to
me that either Jason, James, or Eric will be the next out.

But Erik voted with the faves and Cirie and Parv voted with the fans.
With such a blindside betrayal by TWO faves, who knows how things are
going to shake out.

Especially when there's a fan voting with the faves.

They are not playing along fan/fave lines any more. Haven't been
since the merge...