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Although she *might* have gotten to go straight home. I think Jenna
did, but then she had a lot better reason.

I don't feel Jenna's reason for quitting was any more valid then Krazy
Kathleen's, as Jenna knew her mom was sick with cancer when she
signed up to be on S8 All Stars (and IIRC, her mom was already
battling cancer when Jenna signed up to do S6 Amazon).

Call it women's intuition then.

How about we call it what it really is-- coincidence.

there was no coincidence. In season 6 her mom had cancer. In season 8, by
the time she left to start filming, her mom was in a hospice. Jenna knew
very well that her mother was not likely going to live another 39 days. her
mom pushed her to go on the show anyway. Once she got there, she realized
that that wasn't what she wanted to do with her mom's final days.

Well, then the original poster's comments stand. Why go on the show if
you want to be with your mother in a time of crisis?

Which is exactly why she left, she realized she had made the wrong
choice. Going home to be with your dying mother is quite a vaiid
reason for quitting.

Why ???

You really need it explained to you why going home to be with your
dying mother should take precedence over being on a reality show?