Re: S16 New Rankings Contest Week 9 standings and entries

On Apr 10, 6:09 pm, "Jason Wuthrich" <tjwuthr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
The deadline has passed, and even though B.N. and Dr. Buzzard came in after
5:00, I was even later in closing the entries, so I'm going to count them.
(I may not go so easy on you guys next time--especially you, B.N., just
because you're ahead of me. ;-Þ)  

It wasn't 5:00 where I am, but thank you for your consideration.

B.N. will score 7 points and keep his lead.  Regardless of the outcome,
Obveeus will remain 3 points back.  If my namesake's fake immunity idol does
him in, as four players think it will, Newton will score 7 points and take

If I score 7 points and keep the lead, how can Newton score 7 points
and take over first?

I'm not complaining, just asking.

Score  Player           Boot pick (Value)
 18    B.N.             Eliza (6)
 15    Obveeus          Eliza (6)
 14    Nathan           Eliza (6)
 14    Newton Wai       Eliza (6)
 12    shawn            Jason (4)
 11    Jason W.         Eliza (2)
 10    Zeppo            Jason (2)
  8    Ar Q             Eliza (2)
  8    space            Eliza (6)
  7    Dr. Buzzard      Eliza (6)
  7    Marilyn          Jason (5)
  5    Calliope         Cirie (4)
  3    Keyboard Fungus  Parvati (4)
  3    Roarmeister      James (3)
  2    Horny Goat       Cirie (4)