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On Sat, 06 Oct 2007 05:21:20 -0700, Jay <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hmmm. My children are half-Polish and one is a college junior sitting
on a 3.7 while her little sister just started last month on a full 4
year scholarship.

They are I grant you not Southern....

Southern Canadian? ("y'all, eh!")

Don't laugh too hard - my wife has a cousin from the Toronto area who
is a buyer for Coca-Cola who took a transfer about 10 years ago to

Three guesses what his kids sound like!

When I visited Disneyworld back in '98 we went to the Epcot center and
met a girl (she was college age - when you're my age anyone that age
is a boy or girl) from Stoney Creek, ON (which is about 25 miles from
where Mrs. Goat was born and raised) who at first we figured was a
native Floridian with a false nametag but upon questioning clearly WAS
an Ontario native. Her accent was pure Orlando to a degree that was
scary after living there no more than 10 months.

But the 3.7 is no joke and her old man is justifably proud!