Re: Dreamz Hit With Paternity Lawsuit From Former Girlfriend

Ed Stasiak wrote:

I doubt much (if any) of the money she manages to get from
Dreamz will be spent on the kid....

And you base this on...???

Judging from Dreamz character, which implies what kinda gal
the baby's mommy is, but mostly from living in metro Detroit
my whole life (i.e. Black American culture).

Oooh, a personal evaluation based upon association *and* a
racial stereotype in the same sentence. Love it!

Odds are any cash she squeezes out of Dreamz will be gone
inside of a year and will have been pissed away on useless
crap for herself, while the kid ends up living with gran'mama.

Except that child support is paid on a monthly basis until the
child becomes an adult, or a court says to stop - whichever
comes first.

And did you exchange a walk-on part in the war
for a lead role in a cage?