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Remember that one of the Probst/MB teasers for this season is that a big
descision will be made late in the game. It looks likely that 'do I use
Idol to save my partner' is that descision.

Okay, that sounds reasonable. I had not known about the big decision
but that seems a likely decision.

MB or Probst said we would all be talking about it. One of the biggest
Survivor moments ever. Hype, hype, hype. :-)

Oh that one. Isn't that the case every week? LOL.

It's certainly a big one and would
be the first time that's happened, I think.

Jenna M. did it first when she used immunity to protect Heidi. Of course,
that was a much higher risk move since that was done *before* the vote
rather than after it like a player would have to do with the 'hiddeen
immunity idol' this season.

Did she actually give her the immunity idol? I didn't see her season
so I missed out on that. I do agree with you that it would be a risky
move since she had to give the idol away and everyone would know who
had it. With the hidden idol no one can be positive who has the idol
unless they tell people.

Yeah, Earl is a likely target., but so are some of the other guys.
Plus Earl is a likeable guy so that will likely keep his tribemates
from going after him right away.

He is a likeable guy, but his biggest concern right now should be 'original
Moto' vs. 'original Ravu'.
Original Moto: Alex, Edgardo, Lisi, Dreamz, Cassandra, Boo, Stacy.
Original Ravu: Earl, Yau-man, Michelle, Mookie

If the tribes go back to their original allignement, Earl need to hope that
merge doesn't occur for at least 3 more TC votes.

Except Cassandra seems likely to go with whomever she feels she can
work with. Dreamz is a hard person to read but he definitely wasn't
happy with the way he had been treated. Lisi is likely to go home next
week. I'm not sure how it will go beyond that.

Given what people have said it seems like there will be at least one
more episode before they merge. So the original Moto would have the
numbers but I like Earl and Yao-man's chances since they are both very
personable and are smart players. They can probably bring together a
good coalition (especially since they already have one idol and may
get a second one if they move to other island.)