Re: What's the stupidest move in Reality Show History?

"Quiddity" <mshea1@xxxxxxx> wrote

Jenna's wasn't a stupid decision at all because she was in no danger
of going home. If you'll remember at that point in the game, Rob C
had realized that Matt could no longer be his final 2 goat because he
had just given away his family reward. Rob C went up to Jenna and
told her that he wanted to go to final 2 with her. So Rob certainly
wasn't going to vote Jenna out at that TC. Jenna used her immunity to
guarantee Heidi wouldn't get voted out, and guarantee that Rob would
keep his deal with them and vote out Christy instead.

Jenna gave up immunity knowing that a known liar (Rob), a girl who couldn't
stand her (Christie) and a guy who did whatever everybody else did (Butch)
could have easily voted her out. She was lucky how it turned out, but it was
a dumb move to make.

If you compare it to Marcellas, he put his trust in someone he thought was
on his side (Danielle) and Christian boy. His decision had a lot more
potential to be a safe one than Jenna's did.

Well outside of Amber, who is the only winner in the game's
history to get only one vote cast for her.

Not quite sure exactly what you're saying here, but I know it's not