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Unfortunately, LaGrossa only made it to the final two,
losing the $1 million prize to Danni Boatwright.
That could just as easily read, "LaGrossa won over 100
thousand dollars in her two appearances on Survivor." I shall not
weep for her.

'Unfortunately only made it to the final two', I prefer 'made it to the
final 2 through producer manipulation, yet still got demolished in the
jury vote'.

What do you mean, "producer manipulation"? Unlike S10's questionable
Janu fiasco, it looked to me like Steph got to F2 in S11 fair and square.

First, she was purposely put on a severly weak tribe with people who
adored her. The perceived notion going into the season was that Lydia,
Morgan, Brianna, Brian, Rafe and Jim were the weakest people (now
obviously Rafe ended up being quite good at the challenges, winning 4
immunities, but from the producers standpoint at the start the notion
was he was among the weakest of the men). 5 out of those 6 were on
Yaxha with Steph. And those first 5 all adored her. They were huge
fans and they would never try to vote her out.

Second, when it became apparant that Yaxha was gonna be Ulong all over
again (losing 5 of the first 6 challenges, winning that sole one only
because Jim broke his arm), they switched the tribes to save Steph.
She went from a tribe down by one person to a tribe up by one person.
Thats 2 immunity challenges she didn't have to win. Hence, at the
merge, while Brandon/BJ/Danni had won just as many immunity challenges
as Steph, they were down 2 people. Also, Steph just happened to have
the 2 lowest on the totem pole at original Nakum, Judd and Cindy, on
her new tribe, the 2 people most likely to vote with her rather than
their original tribe.

Finally, as being a returning player, Steph essentially had a free
ticket to the final 2 since everyone wanted to face her. After BJ &
Danni voted for her, she was never targetted again. Steph should have
taken advantage of this to go against Judd or Jamie in the finals,
where she could have won. Instead, she let Rafe make all the
decisions, and she killed any chances she had at winning the jury vote.

Wow. Talk about manipulating the facts to suit your argument. Purposely
put on a weak team? The switch was made solely for her sake?

I'm not a huge Steph fan, but you're reaching their, dude. Big time.

I know, its a conspiracy theory, but tell me this:

Didn't it seem incredibly obvious to you that original Nakum was
immensely ahead of original Yaxha in terms of strength?

Didn't it seem a little more than a 'coincidence' that Rafe, Brian,
Lydia, Morgan and Brianna, all Steph fans, all happened to start on the
same tribe as her?

Did anyone benefit from the tribal switch more than Steph? She was
given the majority on Nakum immediately and had a 2 person advantage at
the merge despite the fact that 3 of the 4 Yaxha won just as many
immunity challenges as her?

*EVERYTHING* went in Steph's favor in Guatemala. The original form of
the tribes was so absurdly unbalanced that it just screams "FIXED" at