Re: ******** Wins

AF wrote:
I think most viewers saw Danielle's time at EI as time well spent from a
strategic perspective.

She didn't do anything. It rained and they sat. You missed that? The
strategic part was when she got back to the next TC and buttered up Austin
before sending him on his way...likely earning a jury vote.

Outside of being young, white, and females, those 2 aren't that similar.

Former athletic beauty queen types with implants and long, 'dark'
hair...they have far more similarity than difference.

The show already had a recent old fart (in Survivor years) in Tom. If you
look at the history of the show, different types of people using different
types of strategy have won Survivor. Survivor isn't predictable.

That was he whole point...Survivor isn't supposed to be predictable...yet
Survivor would be stuck with back to back VERY SIMILAR winners. That
outcome will not help ratings for next season.