Re: Suvivor Bullet Points: 02-16-06 Episode

? Letting La Mina chose which Casaya to send to exile island was
annoying and a bit unfair, like the teams should have been told of the
penalty for losing BEFORE the challenge. Still La Mina did the smart
thing and sent Bruce, who was clearly giving Casaya a boost. Sucks for
Bruce, but made sense. It also may suck for future game play, as we see
teams clam up about how they're doing, for fear of some twist.
Hopefully, it'll hammer home to never throw a challenge

I thought it was stupid for the tribe to pump up Bruce at the IC and mention
how he was the leader. They know there's a exile island and there was a
probably a chance JP might let the winning team pick the person that goes on
the losing tribe.

MB shouldn't be too worried about players maybe claming up. JP uses
confessionals for discussion at TC's sometimes and the players are still
honest about their feelings and don't hold back mouthing off their fellow


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