Re: Only 3 packs/day?

Obveeus wrote:
Locutus wrote:
If he loves his son so much, maybe he should kick that habit so he will be
around for awhile.

maybe he should kick the habit so he doesn't kill his own child by giving
him lung cancer. Sharing a home with someone that smokes 3 packs a day can
be fatal.

Not to mention the astronomical cost of buying 3 packs of ciggies a
day. Depending on where he lives, I think cigs go for more than $3 a
pack (and it's a lot more than that in NYC from what I've heard). So
let's say that's $10 a day on smokes. $300 a month, $3,600 a year.
Good grief. That's more than bums spend on crack! And how much work
can this "Marketing Executive" get done if he is spending all day out
in the designated smoking area at his office?