Re: Johnny Fairplay gets booted from Palms tattoo joint

On Sat, 15 Oct 2005 18:26:48 +0200, pikatxu <txu@xxxxxx> wrote:

>> I saw that! It was on Inked, on A&E on wednesday night at 9 -
>do you know which episode number it was ? I would like to like to see
>it, i'm a big fan of JFP

It was a brand new episode, that's all I know. I'm not that familiar
with the Inked show, but I do know that it is a new show. There can't
be more than say, 8, 10 episodes of which that was the latest. I'd
check out the A and E website.

If you are a fan of JFP, you need to try to get ahold of his
stint on that show Kill Reality that was on E! channel.
Don't know if you saw that.
He was on for the entire season, every episode. If you really
ARE a fan of JFP, you'll be in heaven! That guy is &^*% up,
badly. Takes a dump on a sleeping woman, while she's sleeping!