Re: Chloroform in syringe - Casey Anthony case

The syringe in the bag is pretty strange. It's source
would be fairly easy to trace .. purchase records ..
which is not clever. If I were going to bury a body,
I would have driven to another state and loaded
the bag with heavy rocks and dumped it in deep
water .. like a big river. There's certainly no lack
of those in Florida .. or even in the Atlantic Ocean
for Pete's sake. If I was going to frame someone
I would half hide it in shallow water a couple blocks
away, and put as much incriminating evidence in
the bag as I could think of. This entire case is
not even good fiction. It is just stupid bungling
on the part of LE, and it is an abuse of their

It makes no sense at all. Considering Casey's
habitual lying, I'm still sort of believing that
Caylee did not drown in the pool. I just think
that Baez convinced Casey to "go with this
defense" because it was their best chance
.... in his opinion. I think Caylee died in a hot
car where she was left one night while Casey
spent the night with her latest boyfriend. I
think Casey overslept and did not get to Caylee
in time. And then Casey "disconnected"
mentally, and has never recovered ... and has
a dependent trust in Baez. She's Borderline.