Re: Casey Anthony Cries on Judgement Day

On May 25, 12:23 am, johns <johns...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
trial.  She has spent so much of her life lying, that it's hard to know
what's true and what isn't.


Well, the prosecution is lying their asses off about the chloroform
and the "evidence" on the computer about how to make it. They
are experts only in turning fiction into fact for a jury who doesn't
have the background to examine what they are saying.
1. Chloroform is a controlled substance. Casey never had
   one drop.
2. Chloroform cannot be made by someone with no chemistry
  background .. and especially not by Casey .. a high-school

And yet they will claim they found it in the car, and it was used
on Caylee. That is just a cooked up pack of lies.

And that says straight up, that the rest of their so-called
evidence is equally suspicious for the same reason.

I totally believe that Caylee drowned accidently, and that
Casey tried to cover it up .. and then went into a psychotic
episode that completely explains her behavior after that.
That is all there is to it.


Was the bar hopping part of her psychotic episode?
Oh, and the sleeping around and the Bella Vita tat?