Re: Falling Down: How a 40-day crime spree changed Al Hadlock's life forever

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> Nice to see some true crime stories here.

Most of those who seemed to have nothing to do but argue with each
other seem to have left.

Hmm. My computer died awhile ago. I sent away for a new one, just like
my old one, but I haven't gotten around to taking out my old hard
drive, which was set up to read newsgroups through Netscape, and
putting it the new machine. I've been out of the loop. What the heck
happened here?


There appeared an influx of distracting posts, and most, if not all,
the regulars seem to be taking a break and sitting it out.
Maybe building up their arsenals of pithy responses and wry humor?

It seems like the one that was forging everybody's names is gone. Mostly
what's left are the cross-posters. It was weird how they disappeared
when Snyder did.


And when they started all the forging they did it mostly with his name. I'm guessing they didn't like him, whoever it was!

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