Re: Ronni Chasen Left Millions of Dollars in Her Will

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This will of Chasen's is old. Maybe the new one is different and
doesn't cut off the neice.

It is not the one filed at with the county, unless an addendum was
filed to direct to this new one...

Anyway this has to be all worked out in Probate Court, given the will
leave most of her estate to her mother.

Didn't this will say in the event of the mother's death, most
everything went to her other neice right? It's odd how her brother
was apparently left out yet he's the one trying to become to
administrator. It will be interesting to see what her 2005 will
states. That was probably after her Mom's death.

She could had made up the will with the help of her brother, perhaps
he has enough money on his own, and he will take a cut of the executor's
fees, or put the money into the foundation, and his niece could be a
beneficiary after so many years, when the foundation closes shop. I am
just throwing out possibilities, I don't know the specifics.

I can't believe how people with all this money don't have Living
Trusts instead of traditional wills. I even have one and I'm not rich.
These people are paying taxes they don't need to pay, not to mention
the privacy aspect of staying out of probate.

She appears to be giving specific donations to named charities, she
have some of the money put in a foundation to protect against Estate
Taxes, (except of course this year) Her Condo may be in a living trust.
It also depends on her business.

Would it be overly cynical to wonder if the timing of the murder was
related to the value of the state, before and after the end of this year?

I meant estate, not state.