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Wow! At first I thought these were art stolen during WW2, but apparently
not - at least not in that way we all know it was done.

Hoard of 271 Picasso works found in garage
By Peggy Hollinger in Paris

I read that one. What are the odds that Picasso gave him that stuff?

Slim to none. There would be a record and date of giving away the
piece. It is not going to be 271 pieces from the turn of the Century to
1930s. Anything from the Blue Period and Cubism Period, is pretty much
museum quality, even when Picasso was alive. This doesn't pass the smell
test. Might as well said that Picasso gave him "Guernica" as a gift.

Maybe it was all in the trash and he fished it out.

Picasso had some huge houses, and storage facility. It makes sense that
Msr. le Guennec was left alone for periods of time that he pick and
choose what works he wanted.

Besides, the value of some of the works are in the tens of millions of
dollars, Msr. le Guennec isn't going to let them sit, unless he knows
he stole them, and auctioning them would lead to his arrest.

I see it the opposite way. If he stole them to enrich himself, why hold onto
them for so long?

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